Community Managed Coat Program

Give Brand New Coats to Kids in Your Community

Many community organizations share Operation Warm’s vision that no child should be left out in the cold. Groups interested in joining our mission can manage their own local Operation Warm programs (we call these Community Managed Coat Programs) for the benefit of impoverished children in their communities. We partner with hundreds of service clubs, associations, local businesses and individuals.

Community Coat Program participants raise funds locally to donate to Operation Warm, and in turn, Operation Warm sends coats to the school, faith-based or nonprofit organization(s) you identify that serve children in need in your community. You tell us what coat sizes are needed and where and when they need to be sent, and we’ll ship the coats for you. You coordinate how and when coats are given to children. The more funds you raise, the more local children will receive this gift of warmth.

Brand new coats empower children by sparking self-confidence in ways second-hand clothing cannot.

How to Run Your Own Community Coat Program

1. Review the FAQs below and choose the children you’d like to serve.

2. Reach out to your friends & family to help you fundraise for new coats. We have marketing templates like flyers and customized fundraising webpages to help ensure your success!

3. Once fundraising is complete, we’ll help you place your order for new coats. View our 2016-17 sizes and colors here.

4. The final and most enjoyable step – share warm, colorful winter coats with the kids!

"Thank you for being the leaders who make positive change in this crazy world. We need more folks like you, and it was an honor to stand by you on this project." Thrivent Financial


  • Who can start a Community Managed Coat Program?

    Any individual, group or business that wants to help low-income children can start a Community Managed Coat Program. For example, Kiwanis and Rotary clubs, religious institutions, restaurants or retail outlets can make an impact with an Operation Warm project.

    Regarding which children qualify for an Operation Warm coat, please review in the next FAQ below.

  • What children qualify for a new Operation Warm coat?

    Generally, any child who participates in the Free or Reduced Lunch Program qualifies for a coat. Your beneficiary organization or school will be able to help you determine how many children are in need. Operation Warm can also help you identify a school or group in need of coats.

    Your designated beneficiary (organization receiving your coats) must comply with the following:

    – Be a 501(c)(3) nonprofit, school, or a government or faith-based organization

    – Serve children from low-income households

    – Not discriminate against individuals based on race, gender, sexual orientation, religion, or physical/mental disabilities

  • Where does Operation Warm get their brand new coats?

    Operation Warm works directly with manufacturers, both in the USA and overseas, to create our own brand new coats. We collaborate every year on the specific sizes and styles kids enjoy, making sure that every box contains a variety of colors and sizes to avoid the appearance of uniforms. Coat quality is critically important to us, so we inspect all the materials and designs to guarantee that the coats are made to our standards and, most importantly, will keep children warm.

  • Do you have any tips to help me raise funds for new coats?

    Operation Warm will help you create your very own peer-to-peer fundraising page for your Community Managed Coat Program. You can use this page to share with family, friends and co-workers to help you reach your goal. We’ve also provided marketing templates such as flyers and press releases to help you promote your program. See the ” Program Materials and Marketing Templates ” section below.

  • How do I receive the coats I need for my program?

    Once your fundraising is complete, you can use our coat order form to receive your coats or reach out to us for help.

  • Is there a minimum order?

    Yes, 30 coats (5 boxes of 6 coats per box). Each box of coats are the same size and gender, but a multitude of different colors. This is to ensure children who pick out their coat have a variety of colors to choose from. Ordering individual coats is not permitted. See below “How are coats shipped?” for more information.

  • How are coats shipped?

    Coats are packaged six to a box. Sizes range from 3T to Adult Unisex XXL.

    Each box contains the same size and gender coats, but in a variety of assorted colors.

    The minimum order is five boxes, six coats per box (30 coats).

    Due to our manufacturing process, we cannot accommodate orders for individual coats; you must order by the box of six coats.

    We cannot accommodate orders for specific colors or styles. All boxes will include a variety of assorted colors.

    Allow up to 10 days from the time we accept the donation for your coat order before receiving your shipment. We will email you tracking numbers when your order ships.

  • What is your return policy for coats?

    We cannot accept returns. Please find appropriate recipients in your community for any unwanted or extra coats. Operation Warm coats MAY NOT BE RESOLD.

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