Firefighters for Operation Warm

Heroes on the Operation Warm front lines

In 2012, Operation Warm partnered with the International Association of Fire Fighters (IAFF). As the engine behind our move to American coat manufacturing, firefighters expand our mission, support jobs for Americans, and impact the lives of children throughout their communities.

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Nashville Firefighters and Operation Warm

Why brand new coats are so important to kids

Give a Gift of Warmth

Contribute to the Firefighter Programs and help support their cause in bringing brand new, USA-made coats to kids in need.


Warming the Community

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Our Mission

Our mission is to provide brand new, USA-made coats to children living in need across North America – positively impacting their school attendance, self-esteem, and overall health and well-being.

Coats Made in America

Our made in America manufacturing program supports hundreds of jobs across the country. Our newest supply chain partner, SEKRI, is a nonprofit that provides meaningful work for disabled people and gives the community the support it needs to succeed.

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Firefighters for Operation Warm Stories

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Baltimore Fire Officers & Horizon Services Team Up to Help Children in Baltimore

For several years, the Baltimore City Fire Officers and Fraternal Order of Police have helped kids across Baltimore receive new, USA-made winter coats. This past November, they received an extra hand courtesy of the employee volunteer program Horizon Helps, part of Horizon Services.

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Hero's Haul Fire Truck Pull

How do you normally spend you Saturday? Some real life heroes and weekend warriors got the chance to show their strength of character, while displaying the power of their muscles. The Hero’s Haul Fire Truck pull gives participants the opportunity to go up against real life heroes to prove that they have what it takes to pull a real, official firetruck. These events are the ultimate competition, combining speed, strength and teamwork.

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Washington State Firefighters

Washington State Firefighters ROCK

Firefighters in Washington State expanded their program by partnering with the BJ Shea Morning Experience on KISW 99.9 The Rock of Seattle. Radio Hosts encourages listeners to donate during the month of December to help the WSCFF give a gift a warmth to thousands of children! Rock on!

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Firefighter Events


UPCOMING – Hero’s Haul Firetruck Pull

Fall 2016

Join the Firefighters for Operation Warm in the ultimate strength competition – HERO’S HAUL FIRE TRUCK PULL. Available in four cities across the country, compete to show your strength and raise money to provide brand new coats to children in need in your community.
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What would you be willing to give up to make a child warm this winter? For five men, the sacrifice was something that was a big part of their identities. “This is who they are,” says Jon Otis, a firefighter with the local 101 and one of the co-chairs of the Warm Duluth Beard Challenge, now in its second year.
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2016 USA Program Tutorial

Our new-and-improved 2016 Program Tutorial details the necessary steps to execute a successful program.

USA Program Tutorial

Learn how to give a gift of warmth to children in your community.


Canada Firefighters

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